Ninja Obstacle Course Now Open
  • Calisthenics
    Has arrived in Hull
    A new beginning of fitness is upon us.
  • Discover the power
    of Calisthenic training
    Training doesn’t have to be boring.
    Discover what your body is capable of.
    There is no greater feeling
    than being able to do something
    that two weeks ago was impossible.

Fall 7 times, stand up 8

Ninja Obstacle Course Now Open

Fully equipped Calisthenics gym

Photo of calisthenics gym

Calisthenics comes to Hull

Welcome to Calisthenics Parks

A bodyweight exercise gym where we realise just what our bodies are actually capable of. Strangers become friends, friends become family. Together we encourage and inspire each other to reach our own potential.

Open to all

Fully equipped calisthenics gym

From friendly beginner’s classes that teach progression of Calisthenics moves, to floor work or High Intensity Interval training, we cater for all abilities. Not forgetting freestyle Calisthenics and of course our designated free weight section, we have it all. Train for a purpose, then demonstrate your skills in our weekly workout battle and monthly workout party.

Monthly membership from £20 per month


A gym with a bespoke outlook on its members. We want to know you, your goals, strengths aspirations and your weaknesses. We want to set you individual goals and help you reach them. We will provide rewards, prizes and parties for us all to celebrate our achievements. Check out our membership options on the joining page.

Monthly membership from £30 per month

Our Prices

Standard Membership


per month
  • 12 month contract
Pay Monthly


per month
  • No contract
Pay Weekly


per week
  • No contract
Pay per session


per session
  • No contract

Membership options available in club

Day pass - £5.00 per session, induction included.

If 12 month membership is paid in full they will be a discount available, ask in gym for details.

Children will be welcome from 5 years old on set children's times providing a parent is a monthly member and supervises them at all times. Children's membership will be either £100 for the full year if paid upfront in the gym or £5 per session also paid in the gym upon entry.

Purpose built indoor

Calisthenics gym

Full induction given to all members

Our inductions help us to get to know you and how we can help you reach your full potential

Specially designed & safety tested equipment

All of our equipment is bespoke and has been tested and CE marked

Male female and disabled changing facilities with showers

Modern, clean and fully functional changing facilities to suit all needs

Monthly workout battles with live DJ & hog roast

An exciting way to showcase your new skills in a friendly family environment